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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
►It's nice seeing green once again

Our visit to Calaruega

A certified way to relax beyond going to the Spa is to see the green scenery. The perfect nature tripping will surely make stress go away. Uggh, this is all I needed!
Moojy enjoyed our trip in Calaruega which he identified as "The Snake Island". Don't get it wrong people, there's no snake at Calaruega just that before heading to Tagaytay, we browsed a channel from tv showing the beauty of Masbate and it featured their famous Snake island. Wherein Moojy went upbeat and all happy that he saw a boat on tv going to the island. And so just to make Moojy go to bath as quick as possible I told him that's where we're headed. And all the way to tagaytay he shouts "Snake Island". Even the view of Taal now makes him think that the Snake Island lies there.

Mummy's crap!!!


Just a note. Moojy's mind is all composed of boat, airplane, tricycle, jeepney, bus and train. Last holiday, I brought him to trinoma just to let him ride the train then ate dinner at the mall and went back riding the train. Also, he never forgets his first trip to Bora, that's his favorite!!!---plane, boat and tricycle... never ending story... Cute!


/10:25 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007
►Movie date
Favorite movie : Stardust. galing! yun lang.


/4:24 PM

Wednesday, October 17, 2007
►3 or 4?
/9:55 AM