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Thursday, July 27, 2006
►Another One But Kewl
"It's the day of the 27th and a bit obvious..."


Moojy, today is 1 yr and 10 months... He is nearing two....
There's no day that you don't make me smile. I love you boyz!

The Fact:

MJ is focused on the world around him. He is bit concerned on how to
sabotage his toy cabinet and books.

By now, he perfects his way of eating solid food by putting it all over his mouth and throwing everything on the floor afterwards.

He will command you to do the things he wanted. So please clap your hands.

Always thirsty for vitamins and can drink all the gatorade in the fridge.

Knows when you're really tired and will challenge you for more grabs and time.

He is cute, handsome and very white.

Don't worry the 630 surprise is still up for grab.

/12:23 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
"I know Overrated na!"

Yesterday, Monday a usually boring day. Not the usual case for me though. I was absent and made my day the most productive as it can be. I had an ultimate grand slam Spa package. A total knockout full body scrub and a dashing swedish massage with my aunt. I tell you it was my first time to have a full body scrub...i know Loser... but it was smashing hit for me. Hehe . The swedish massage was an add on to my list of what -ya-call- a- perfect -day.
Ahh life is good.
When I reached home, shugs surprised me with a take home Cali Maki from Teryaki Boy. Ahh life is more than good. Hahaha!
/10:47 AM

Saturday, July 22, 2006

"A Very Red Saturday"
Was Ikong's 80th Bday @ Dragon Boat. They served every food that you can describe as exquisite, heavenly and delish. It was perfectly divine! Yes I sound carzy over this but ask my hubby he'll prove that I was really mad over the food that were served. YumYum.

"A Sporty Sunday"
It was Dada's idea that we all go to Pearl Plaza to play Badminton. So now we're sporty! Even Moojy enjoyed the trip to the sports club! Wish you can see him in action when he serves. Smash it up!

Pix to follow sissy and mum!
/3:22 PM

Friday, July 21, 2006
►One whole day
"A pleasant day seeing all your friends in an unplanned situation, well mostly...."

1. Was shocked to see The UM crowd ( Izza, Mark Hapon, Paul and us). We missed everything about College and just making tambay at Snowflakes or Starbucks. Playing cards and trippin. And also to mention not worrying about our next class.

2. Met up eith John ( shugs' cousin ) @ Teryaki Boy. He just arrived from the states after leaving us for 4 mos. We had a lot of catchin up.

3. Had a coffee talk @ Coffe Bean. John suprised us with a box of goodies (shirts, chocolates and cash) hehe. You rock! You're the best.

4. This was kinda planned. Meeting up with an old good friend was a good kind of therapy. It was fun really.

5. Business and meeting up is another one. Ahhh .. truly a pleasant day. That's my day, how about yours?


/1:00 PM

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
A Solid Solemn Swak Moment with myself. After work headed straight to The Spa to rejuvinate.
The best thing about having a swedish massage is you get to unwind, calm and free your soul from every stress that entered your body. I love everything about Spas.
Ended with a mirror-pic so that I can glance once in awhile and be reminded that I needed another one. A good one. Love it. Love it.
/2:12 PM


1. Moojy's New Batt operated Toothbrush.
Shouted "a-bash" several times just to show how happeeee he is with this. Thanks Wowa for the toothbrush. Love it! Love it!

2. Whatta pic! -- A coffee date with shugs last Saturday. Talked about life, goals and nonsense.

3. Had a great time even if i'm tremendously tired from my bazaar. Needed a good quality time to release my innermost stress.

4. Sunday is worship day. My Lovely boys playin at the Nursery Area right after we got demoted at the balcony of CCF Alabang.

5. That's me and hungry!

6. After the worship waiting for in-laws.

7. It's Daddy's Bday! Ate at Northpark Alabang. Burp.Burp.Burp.

8. Us trying so hard to move because of kabusugan.
After eating we went shopping to lose weight haha!

Monday- I was absent...wala lang.
Jolibee Bonding Moment with my Honey.
Look moojy's mouth is covered with spaghetti sauce.
/12:12 PM

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Overflowing of glowing crystals.
Of slow and fast drops.
This wind that blows from behind.
That hug that warmth my soul.

Moojy likes the rain. He oversleeps when
it's raining. I love the rain too.
/9:34 AM

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
"The new Kid in Town"

It's Time.
It's time to buy a new dgcam.
I don't usually bring our cam because its not in good condition right now.
I only take pictures using my phone. And it's damn dissapointing.
So hopefully next week I'll meet my new cammy.
/3:07 PM

Monday, July 10, 2006
"One tamad Day"
/2:22 PM

Sunday, July 09, 2006
"Another crazy Weekend"

@ Gilligans

Shopping made me dizzy but it was still fun. We filled our tummies @ gilligans after shopping crazy. I love going to the mall but just can't stand all the people madly walking everywhere. Guess it's still best to go on a weekday. Anyway, it was still fun and crazy.
Week was also hectic because we need to transfer all our Sta.Rosa stuff to P'que. My mum-in-law suggested that we should just free the pool water and put everything there first until it finds a buyer. Wehehe.. a good one though. She's totally right there's no space in our house anymore. I even can't see our stuff in the stockroom. They're all messed up and I can't cut myself in two just to clean everything up. I need help!!! PLeaseeeeeeee! PrettyPlease!

I can do this!
/1:42 PM

Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Tumakas kami at Kumain sa NorthPark"

Another Busog moment... burp!

/2:06 PM

Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Eto ang Bumulaga sa akin kaninang umaga"

My buddy from our Village has a bouncing baby girl.
Ayan tatay ka na! Good luck Edu and Jill!!!

/4:01 PM

"Moojy and Mama"

/3:01 PM

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
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/5:13 PM

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/5:09 PM

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/5:00 PM

"we'll we see you around?" "I'm always around."
a date movie

watched Superman Returns it was s u p e r .
Shugs and I ate a lot. Funny because shugs asked me if I wanted more food I said, yeah snacks lang ha and then he goes "... ok n kayo ni Superman dyan?" sabay bili na ng food ulit....
It was great.
/3:18 PM

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I am serious about my diet. Started yesterday didn't eat too much last night but ate a lot while watching LOST with Shugs (chips and Marie Biscuits of Moojy) .
Was having conversation with my Mother-in-law over dinner. About going to Cali and meeting over relatives, shopping and Disneyland. Well, it's only the two of us who totally click about this Issue. She handed me the Visa application and we went over with the questions. God willing!
I miss my mom, my sis and bro. Just too depressing that we can't be complete unless I bring my family there. I miss going to the hotels in Vegas and just walk and view the lights till dawn. Awww! Please Mr.embassy guy renew my Visa!!!!
/10:30 AM

/9:39 AM

Monday, July 03, 2006
" Weekend News"

Asian Hospital

Saturday was Moojy's eye check-up. Developments were minimal so Mommy needs to try harder on convincing Moojy with the eye patch.

Went to Festival Mall and had lunch at Sbarro. Paid my Globe bill and rode the train. Bought cotton candy , moojy's toothpaste, some pins for dada and a stamp for the prince.

When we reached home Moojy was so tired that he knocked down to sleep. Dada's in the computer room and I fell asleep too when shugs woke me up as if something haapened. He was very excited to wake me up for the reason that he created a new music. He wanted me to listen to them. Sweet and was really good. I'll learn how to post music here.

There was a line of plans on a saturday night but we feel tired to leave the house plus Moojy was not feeling well too with his upset stomach.

ended up watching...

The LOST Series was too much to handle.
The cold room smelled nacho cheese made by hubby. With the ingredients to be kept as secret. Grrr.... I'll make one like that one of these days. Its just that shugs is very much incredible with making snacks, dips and perfect parallel parkings.
Ended sleeping at 3 am and happee.

Sunday started with pancakes, coffee, hot chocolates and yosi time.

Pinoy Cheering Time
Panalo lahat ng Pinoy sa laban ng boxing kahapon parang scripted ahh...

Pacman dominates Larios! A shout that all Filipinos must be proud of. Something that we can call Victory . A Victory that Pres. Gloria M. can never give to her Countrymen.

Moojy was sick again with Diarrhea. Having gone to the potty for God knows how many times
was still not enough for Moojy to feel better. Dada went to the grocery alone and I accompanied Moojy as he was in pain once in a while.

We weren't able to go to the Fojas Dinner. Too bad.But it was fine since dada bought something for dinner to enjoy.

Again slept late for our LOST Marathon.

And monday sucks! Haha!
/10:52 AM