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Friday, June 30, 2006
So kagabi I went...

I met up with my gurlprends yes we were almost complete kulang lang ng isa kasi busy daw sa ABS-CBN workshop. Anyways, after 2 years finally nagkita kita rin kami ng kumpleto. At syempre ako na naman ang taga probinsya dayuhin ko ba daw ang katipunan.

I didn't count how many drinks I had last night. Anung sense nakauwi naman ako ng maayos. Kapal ko I went home at 2:30 am.. haha but that was a good night! Shugs was insisting I was drunk. Pero hindi naman. Mamulamula lang. Thanks Janners sa masarap na samahan and kulitan. I'll surely miss you gurl. Don't forget the "Prince" that Liz is talking about when we had our toast for u. Stay pretty in Qatar Airways, itaas mo ang bandera natin.

Ok bangag ako ngayon 2 hrs. lang ang tulog ko.
kaya goodbye blog.
/5:17 PM

Thursday, June 29, 2006
Today gusto ko na lang sumabog ng isang parang bomba.
My morning sucks and hindi pa rin ako sumasabog.
Hopefully may hope pa... kasi kung wala na isang malaking
seryosong usapan iyon. Mabigat at isang damukal na pasan ang
dulot nun kung yon ay wala na sa aking sarili.
Buti malapit na magtanghali at kahit papaano may natitira pang kahit konting
pag-asa. Ang labo noh. Kasi ang gulo ng mundo.
/9:09 AM

Wednesday, June 28, 2006
►Barney is the Winner
"Still complaining"

Di pa rin namin matapos tapos ni shugs ang Season 1 ng LOST.
Kasi talo kaming dalaw sa Barney Marathon ni Moojy.
The littleprince rules the tv controller.
/10:24 AM

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
►Monthsary and Birthday

LO#5 "A Happy Day"

Happy Monthsary Shugs!
...will give my surprise to him later...

Happy Birthday Moojy !
(1 yr and 8 months)
... you can watch "nini" the whole night and grab all the chocolates you can in the fridge....

Good day. Peace and Love!
/3:50 PM

"I Just Noticed"

That when you have a toddler you get to be invited more with tons of children's bday bash.
This weekend is filled with parties, parties and parties. Saturday, we attended my cousin's party (father's side) and sunday we attended my other cousin's Bratz party ( mother's side) in New Manila. It was all about games, food and the the kapaguran.

Too much thinking about the future could make you crazy.

Managing the bazaar this weekend at NBC Fort was fun but it was hellish tiring.

That Moojy is a very intelligent kid.

Rainy season is here.

Shugs is very happy with his new Digitech worth a dashing 10,000php. Now he can sound like Van Halen, Steve Vai and the likes. He can actually create thousands of new sounds with this.
Hale to the hard core rocker. I'm your number 1 fan.

I'm beginning to gain weight.
/3:24 PM

Thursday, June 22, 2006
►Stressed Out

"Stressed Out"

The Title explains it all. I was out of work for two because Moojy has on and off fever.
Ang baby ko ay matamlay pa rin. At hindi ko pa rin alam ang tunay na kadahilanan ng sakit. Brought him already to Asian Hospital for check up. Pero wala pa rin exactong sagot ang doctor.
Hayy... sana kayanin niya dahil ako ay nanghihina na tuwing nakikita ko syang nahihirapan.
Pls pray for Moojy guys...
Many thanks.
/11:59 AM

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
►Randome PeecTures
My pose when I had my surgery
PAcute lanG
Devil's third Eye

Rock on!


"Some Random Pics..."

At Southgate DLSU..Bumibisita lang...
/9:56 AM

Monday, June 19, 2006
►Goodness Gracious
"A Father's day special"

Attended worship for the first time in CCF Alabang. With the whole fam, including my dad, dad-in-law and dada. After that, we headed to Carlos Pizzafor the special day. Then went home to let Moojy sleep and us to have some Qtime ( wink ;*) )

I admit, we had a slightly traumatic experience when we had won a prize for 3 days 2 nights vacation package at Baguio. To cut the long blah ..blah...blah short... we almost did go for their sales racket.When I stopped shugs from withdrawing from the bank. ( But I perfectly understand the concept.. yeah and we're just thinking about our family to have an annual vacation. but it's not just ideal.So we ended up having free dinner at Contis by showing up and even we trapped ourselves for 3 hours there, we still got the free gift package.

Waah .. it's a very long story and it was an authentic experience about a husband and wife thinking about giving in OR NOT.. just to experience the wonders of the World and travel. That's a great deal though but not for us who can actually get by planning our own travel and leisure with our own expense and not paying a big amount just for free cheap hotels.

Di niyo magets noh mahaba kasi yung story pero what an experience about making decisions about the future for your family.

Anyway ended up so late that we just bought LOST Series and a DVD for Moojy ( thank God it's not BARNEY!!! as per Moojy ..it's "ni ni" ).And just drank the night away until we slept at 1am.... Goodness Gracious!

/5:16 PM

Friday, June 16, 2006
►Dadah's day!

"Today I made 3 LOs... "
/5:24 PM

"Last night I cried Heavy tears"

Bakit ganun hindi lahat fair ang bagay sa mundo. Lahat n lang pahirap ang buhay.
Naghihirap na nga para mabuhay pahirapan naman lalo dahil di makukuha ang bagay ng ganun ganun lang, lahat kailangan paghirapan at pag nagawan na ng solusyon may kasunod na naman panigurado. Ganito ba ang buhay para sa lahat ng tao? O sadyang sa pamilya lang namin?
Dasal ko na sana matapos na ang paghihirap at bigyan lakas ng loob and daddy ko.
Lord kung nandyan ka man tulungan mo po kami pls.
/10:31 AM

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
►Then and now

"One more year to go .... "

"Then and Now"
/3:33 PM

►Counting Stairs
"Counting Stairs"

One Sunday

Venue: Sa may Mall oF Asia
me: ( habang karga ang Moojy palabas ng car) at humirit ako..
Ang daming tao wag na kaya baka sobrang sikip na ng mall.

ang hubby: Di yan sobrang laki ng mall
(hirit habang inistop ang engine ng cat)

moojy: "mamam" .. "mamam" mga sampung beses pa hinirit

me: okey tara hunger na ako...
sabay pasa kay hubby si moojy ang bigat eh

me and ang hubby: WoW! grabe ang daming tao napuno ang Malaking Mall of Asia.
2:00pm wala pa rin kaming mapilian na Resto sa kadahilanang punong-puno etoh..Akalain mo!

ang hubby: dito na lang tayo sa Burgoo
Kaya yun kain kami sa Burgoo ubos budget pero enjoi! Si Moojy hindi haha kaya kahit siksikan na parang Baclaran ang Tinaguriang Mall of Asia sige go pa rin kami at dinala namin siya sa Toy Store. Aba kadadating pa lang lahat ng hinawakan. Kami naman naaliw din pero katakot baka mawala si moojy. Minu- minuto may announcement from Customer Service.Paging a Lost boy.. a lost girl with red shirt.etc.
Hayy buti di nawala ang malikot sa halip ako ang nawala hehe...

Two Monday

Venue: Sa bagong bahay ng Tita ko malapit lang sa amin

Aba may stairs yippeee! Tuwang -tuwa ang Moojy cge akyat-baba ("up-don" ).
Habang pababa ng stairs para kumain ng dinner. Nagulat kami dahil nagbilang ako bawat hakbang ng pababa tapos ang maliit na batang Moojy ay nagbilang din at alam pa ang kasunod na number..( "ix".. "eben" , "eyt", "yayn") Hayy, talgang tuwang-tuwa kami ni Hubby.

Three Monday

Venue: Night Market sa BF

Akalain pagagawan ang baby ko ng mga tindera doon?

At umuwi na naman kaming pagod at busog... weeh heeh heeh...
/1:40 PM

Monday, June 12, 2006
►My First Layout

"I'm into this......Digiscrapping"

My first try... wehehe!!! First LO1.
Thanks to this beautiful layout by Eva Kipler
/9:12 AM

Thursday, June 08, 2006
►Whoa it's nice to know that
"Well trained Honey"
This morning I was really shocked. . .

What's new.... ? PrinceMoojy was the one who woke us up again. Tried pretending I was still asleep so he'd think that dada and mama are still in dreamland. But of course Moojy knows. Anyway, As I got up from bed, I took off his dia-pees and told him to call me and say "wee-wee" if he needs to go.
Then after a couple of mins... he got up and didn't say anything but pointed his patotoot. So I brought him up and tried making the sound "pssss..pssss.psss" after several times he was making the same sound and then wee-wee splashed away. Yahooo!!! My baby is now a kiddo and he is toilet trained!

After that there's a pahabol surprise, he went back to the toilet and flushed it....
Job well done kiddo! I love you baby!
/5:07 PM

Wednesday, June 07, 2006
"Ugggh...clutter...hate 'em"

Had to go undertime to visit my dentist for check-up.
Doctor gave me another set of medication for my super slow healing of gums.
Which she ordered me to stop taking birth pills for the meantime.
Went to Mercury to buy another set of drugs which is uber costly.
Didn't have enough cash so paid through my credit card.
Credit card declined due to expired card.
Told cashier I only have 500.00.
Got only 7 out of 20 tabs that I needed.
Surprised to have found out that she gave me the complete 20 tabs.
What to do?
Called shugs and still waiting ..... haha

now I misplaced my new credit card. Grrrr.....
no time to organize my stuff.

sobrang busy na wala na akong magawang matino sa oras ko.
/7:58 PM

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
►Dial 666 for Goodluck
6 good things
6 do do list
6 great pictures

Today is the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year.... whoa...that sounds scary and kewl!

So I decided to contra the evil omen to post 6-6-6 wonderful things.

6 good simple things to be thankful for:

1. Hugs and kisses from my darlings
2. A new wallet from Kathy
3. Had time for breakfast with my LittlePrince while waiting for shugs to dress up 4 work
4. A new scrapbook to start my next project...
5. Collection of pictures to print
6. Useful DJKim ( my car)

6 To Do List

1. Prepare a Bday present for My Mum-in-law
2. Dinner at Luk Foo
3. Edit pictures on Photoshop ( my new hobby)
4. Complete eTouch Project ( work related ) - Done :)
5. post something to Istardust
6. Nourish mind with more scrapbooking ideas and digiscrapping.

6 Great Pictures
/2:19 PM

Monday, June 05, 2006
►Weekend Galore

"After 15 Mc Donalds and Jollibees"
finally Moojy fell asleep....

Weekend ended with total family time, meeting new friends,
Zero budget and one happy prince.

/7:02 PM

Friday, June 02, 2006
"Extremely XMEN-ized"
ask pooj why....
Had a date movie with hubby.
Got XMEN-ized by the film.
My favorite for this month.

/9:02 PM