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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
The Dancing Elmo

I crazily watch this littleprince as he groove to the tune of Sesame Street.Moojy totally rocks and is really addicted to Sesame Street particularly Elmo. Oh kids .. kids...
/7:50 PM

►Tuesday with Ildaeil Fifol
All of a sudden .. they couldn't come. So the three of us enjoyed and talked and ate and had fun.
Sa uulitin! As u can see... pictures again are everywhere. Those memories!

Pictures are for Elinia and Shyla

PS. Can't think of any country ..waaah!
more pics to be uploaded in Flickr..ashush!
/4:45 PM

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Invite ko kayo pumunta dito... ASteeg itoh!

Sa Big SkyMind Sept. 6, 2006 /Eight Pm

Sana ako makapunta..hihi

/4:57 PM

Monday, August 28, 2006
►The Breakfast Club
SinoSiKat at CosmicLove sa Breakfast Club!!! The South Crowd. Love 'em.

With BrutalGrace

Bong, Pam, moi and Pooj

With Shugs

Lourd, moi and pooj

The End.... Tsibugan na! ! !
More pics here...
/8:26 PM

Monday, August 21, 2006
►Some Peeks

Peek- a -Boo

Here's my littlePrince

and here's our Messy Room
/6:53 PM

Thursday, August 17, 2006
►Cough Syrup Arrgh
The Cough Syrup
Made me feel better ...

No I didn't forget i have this. I woke up finally at the crispness of five thirty in the morning. It was fresh and I drank water, lots of it. I learned that water is important on ones body and yes it is life.

Hey and I thought I couldn't ignore what I had for too long now. I had to write something atleast.

So what happened to me?

Number one: I needed a good stretch. A week on bed ( well almost) isn't funny. I'm sick with fever and dry cough. What's even worst is that I couldn't play with moojy. Though I had a perfect time to rest and rest and rest. But now I'm on recovery . The good thing when you can't get away with a strict hubby medication policy. :)

Number two: Last week ( or last last weekend) we overloaded with DVD Series.
We bought:
1. Arrested Development (Season 1,2 and 3)
2. LOST ( Season 1 and 2 )
3. Sex and the CIty ( Season 1 to 7)
4. 4400 ( Season 1)


Number three: Ate at Mongkok Resto in Rockwell and didn't know that Moojy likes the salty squid there. After that we had Coffee at Starbucks and didn't know that Moojy won't like the place guess its too quiet for him and it's past his bedtime.

Number four: I had a date with my girlfriend Diane at Gateway. We were suppose to see a movie but ended up having food trip at Taco Bell.

Guess that's the story for now. Ciao!
/9:24 AM

Monday, August 07, 2006
►Housewifey yehey

Ayun Houswife na ulit ako...

So the last day at work was over. No more IT work related in the next few months to come. Only business .. business and get togethers.

Last day? ! Wala ..as in wala akong ginawa. Haha! That's why it's called Last day. Friday night had dinner at Sentro then red horse @ T Bar Greenbelt then starbucks with my opismates. Saya uber kabusugan na naman. Say hello to fatty.

SUNDAY @ Alabang Town

Say hello to our new member of the family .... Canon ixusi5

Yes, we bought it with our closed eyes. But we got it in a good deal.

Free 1 GB SD Card
Free 2 cases
Free metal string

So goodbye to our old cam. New memories to follow.

Monday @ Makati

First day of not going to work at office. It Feels good! Moojy was going likot in every store we visit especially the kiddie stores. Goodluck sa kapaguran!
/7:33 PM

Thursday, August 03, 2006
►Making a Difference
Grooving it down with Cosmic Love @ Saguijo.
Another loooong night with Shugs and some friends.

I went at shug's workplace while wearing my Etel ID. Astig. Haha! The place was cozy but hearing customer service murmurs made me miss my old job. Miss lang but never wanted to go back. Anyway, I met several people and old friends from school. Ayun, yosi and had dinner.

Badoodz time took a long road. Ka-praning!

Saguijo's place is really the bomb. The best place ever for cool soulful music. I love that place!
So yun, konting red horse while listening to my fave Cosmic Love Band. Groovy nila to the max.
At 3am had bogchi at Mcdo and solid talk with Bong and Pam. Daming nangyari...daming kwento..tawanan..lamon...at badoodz ulit.

at 430 am .. dive sa bed ng solid na kabasagan at kasabugan.

Goodmorning work.. ay syet 11:00 am na. Patay late again.....
/1:13 PM

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Why Let's make Poverty a History?

At times, I watch the Philippine News on tv and find it so depressing to see people die because of this awkward situation we're in now. Such a depressive state that we always lack power. That these powers, I believe should be present in us.

The power of Faith to believe that this rate of poverty will decline .
The power of Money that each one will have enough.
The power of Love that crimes will diminish.
And the power of Oneself that we gain self respect and consciousness.

Let's all make believe that we can make poverty history and protect ourselves from this awful philippine scenario. Live that power!

C'mon, I sound way too serious here. Probably due to the gummy bears i've been eating since morning that gave me this sticky idea to write some topic like this. Eneweis, as a citizen, a wife and a mother. I am concerned. That this world should be safe for us and our family. But how? That's a huge question mark that economists, presidents and the world try to answer thousands of years ago but still we face each day trying to protect our future. We need a calm assurance that a year, a month or a day after now will be safer than yesterday.

Who doesn't want a safe world to live in? Comment your thoughts about poverty and how we can make it a history.
Will appreciate it. Thanks.
/1:11 PM