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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
►A Sick Baby

My baby will be 3 years old tomorrow. Hope he gets better. I'll make sure
he'll have a birthday blast tom. Haha

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/7:26 AM

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
►TwentFirst Birthday

Nevada, The City that never sleeps. It's my sister's birthday and the only thing she's looking forward to is entering those Casinos and be able to put her hands in those machines. Gambling Madness! That's about it! Hope she gets beginner's luck.But definitely I have one more wish and that is for her to finish her Residency.
I miss her so much!That's her and josh.

Anyway, I have short hair now. Hope this gets me motivated to lose weight as my chubby face is getting into me.


/11:07 AM

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hey you guys and gals check out this band!!!

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comment na rin kayo hehe


/4:17 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2007
►Are you losing YourSelf?

What's totally hot these days?
Yes a new term for moms has been created. Alpha Moms are the smart women of Modern today. They have emerged to be on the top ranks of big companies, tech savvy, well educated, trendsetters and multitaskers. Yes it is an all in one character that makes them exellent in the same intensity they perform in their workplace, home and family. To me I can define it as the Supercharged Moms.

So the pressure of Women again is rising intesively. With most of my 90% of time being out from home and being inside the home, there is just one thing I could think about and that is how I will use my time more on making money while spending more time with my precious three year old son.

Uggh, I know hyperparenting is that hard especially with combined work and family pressure. But the modern trend says that this is possible you can still be good in work while not sacrificing your time with your kids. Is that so? I'm one of the moms who are still in quest for information on how one can manage eveything easier. Maybe, i have to do a little more rresearch on this, get some tips on how to be one of them and be able to apply them. You know more money, more time with family, being wired in the internet for hours, managing maids, setting food on the table while still not losing myself. Who doesn't like that?

So I'm a newcomer to this kind of trend and hopefully learn how to do all this without feeling guilty on missing something out especially when it comes to my lil prince and family.


/12:37 PM

Friday, September 07, 2007
►Our New Baby


hmmm... first class movies, games and photos.
Welcome HP Pavillion 17". I love you!!! mwah!
/12:51 PM

►My Morning Coffee
The Morning, a period where in everything is still in place. Like the fresh baby-ish fragrance of our room, the fine thin air surrounding us and the smell of brewing coffee.
Hmmm... the Coffee, that gives me the freedom to move, to work ,to start the busy and stressful day ahead.
This morning was different, although a lot of stuff are still lined up in my TO Do List, still unchecked. It was unlikely, as my lil one came up to me and sat beside me he gave me a good hug and said I miss you Mommy, like how every mom would melt their hearts out. That's how I felt until he tried grabbing my cup of coffee and said I want to drink your coffee. It gave me a good laugh until i realized the i miss you mommy part was not real. That's a good way to start dealing with my fun stressful day. Goodluck and TGIF!
/10:34 AM

Wednesday, September 05, 2007
►Happy WW

A memorable plane ride experience of my lil one.
/11:00 AM