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Friday, September 07, 2007
►My Morning Coffee
The Morning, a period where in everything is still in place. Like the fresh baby-ish fragrance of our room, the fine thin air surrounding us and the smell of brewing coffee.
Hmmm... the Coffee, that gives me the freedom to move, to work ,to start the busy and stressful day ahead.
This morning was different, although a lot of stuff are still lined up in my TO Do List, still unchecked. It was unlikely, as my lil one came up to me and sat beside me he gave me a good hug and said I miss you Mommy, like how every mom would melt their hearts out. That's how I felt until he tried grabbing my cup of coffee and said I want to drink your coffee. It gave me a good laugh until i realized the i miss you mommy part was not real. That's a good way to start dealing with my fun stressful day. Goodluck and TGIF!
/10:34 AM