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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
â–ºMovie Update for May


Watched Spidey3 at Imax (bv 2d lang )in MOA.We were suppose to watch it a week before this but surprisingly a lot of peeps wanted to see how spidey transformed into an emo with one sided bangs dude so tickets were SOLD OUT. Frustrating but we came up with another plan. Shugs and I played Billiards in alabang while having Magoo's Pizza as dinner. Guess what? I won 20.00 php. Haha talo shugs! Akalain mo!


Watched Shrek The Third with my Family at Rockwell. Moojy definitely liked it.

052107 - Happy Monthsary!

Again we went to alabang to see Pirates with Shugs, Ivan, Denise, Moojy, John and Dale. Again, Tickets were SOLD OUT. So ended up eating in NorthPark. Sulit naman sa food Trip.


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