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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
Dear 2007,

Hi, I'm writing because there's tons of things I'm grateful for. There's overflowing blessings that I couldn't believed I survived all of them. 2006 was like a fast train that arrived its destination on a correct given time and speed. The first quarter of 2006 welcomed me with a high paying job though towards the half of the year I had to quit and preserve myself for my family and our business. All of these, required me to learn everything I needed. The year ended with a busy schedule. I was pressed between time for work and family. Am proud that I can say I survived.
My dad literary went to the states on the last day of 2006 to spend New Year with my Mom, Sis and The Las Vegas Folks. It was sad. But I'm happy for him because I know there's more for him there than here.
My 2006 was like that fast train, everything happened so fast but for a reason. And I am proud to say that I am fully loaded with ideas and plans in facing 2007. I welcome 2007 with a full battle gear. Welcome 2007!
Life is Good!
/9:59 PM