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Thursday, December 14, 2006
â–ºMom's padala causing low Momfidence level

Help! I need to boost up momfidence level.

So everybody is up to their routine of just worrying less. Yes, babies are eating healthy and nutritious food except for mine. He doesn't want to eat fruits, veggies and much worst doesn't like to drink milk but once I show chocolate bars and chips he'll grab it the very best way he can.
Oh no, later on there's a bigger chance of my little one getting low grades in school because of poor nutrition. Oh yes, this is a power struggle for me. So I need prof. help. Anyone please?

Thanks mom for the goodies esp for the butterfingers and skittles but need to keep these out from Moojy....and maybe from me too. I've gain so much weight already.
/7:49 PM