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Sunday, October 15, 2006
â–ºMoojy and his cakesand

My Little Prince was happy to blow his cakesand. WE all went crazy and silly while singing the overplayed happeee beerthday song. But it was really cool since moojy didn't mind at all if his cake was made up of sand. Turned out he even liked it and tried tasting some of it. Yeah a taste of the sand!

This two year old kiddo :

Can almost count from one to five.
Will dance if you ask him to dance. Anywhere, I swear.
Can go along with elmo and Big Bird to sing the Alphabet.
Can sing Rain Rain Go Away.
Can name most of the items in his big book.
Puts his diapers in the trashcan.
Flushes the toilet after peeing.
Gives goodmorning and goodnight smooches.
Throws out used clothes in the hamper.
Puts back his toys after playing.. well sometimes.
and the list of new things about him never stops...

I love this cute baby!
/10:21 AM