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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Why Let's make Poverty a History?

At times, I watch the Philippine News on tv and find it so depressing to see people die because of this awkward situation we're in now. Such a depressive state that we always lack power. That these powers, I believe should be present in us.

The power of Faith to believe that this rate of poverty will decline .
The power of Money that each one will have enough.
The power of Love that crimes will diminish.
And the power of Oneself that we gain self respect and consciousness.

Let's all make believe that we can make poverty history and protect ourselves from this awful philippine scenario. Live that power!

C'mon, I sound way too serious here. Probably due to the gummy bears i've been eating since morning that gave me this sticky idea to write some topic like this. Eneweis, as a citizen, a wife and a mother. I am concerned. That this world should be safe for us and our family. But how? That's a huge question mark that economists, presidents and the world try to answer thousands of years ago but still we face each day trying to protect our future. We need a calm assurance that a year, a month or a day after now will be safer than yesterday.

Who doesn't want a safe world to live in? Comment your thoughts about poverty and how we can make it a history.
Will appreciate it. Thanks.
/1:11 PM