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Thursday, August 03, 2006
â–ºMaking a Difference
Grooving it down with Cosmic Love @ Saguijo.
Another loooong night with Shugs and some friends.

I went at shug's workplace while wearing my Etel ID. Astig. Haha! The place was cozy but hearing customer service murmurs made me miss my old job. Miss lang but never wanted to go back. Anyway, I met several people and old friends from school. Ayun, yosi and had dinner.

Badoodz time took a long road. Ka-praning!

Saguijo's place is really the bomb. The best place ever for cool soulful music. I love that place!
So yun, konting red horse while listening to my fave Cosmic Love Band. Groovy nila to the max.
At 3am had bogchi at Mcdo and solid talk with Bong and Pam. Daming nangyari...daming kwento..tawanan..lamon...at badoodz ulit.

at 430 am .. dive sa bed ng solid na kabasagan at kasabugan.

Goodmorning work.. ay syet 11:00 am na. Patay late again.....
/1:13 PM