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Thursday, August 17, 2006
â–ºCough Syrup Arrgh
The Cough Syrup
Made me feel better ...

No I didn't forget i have this. I woke up finally at the crispness of five thirty in the morning. It was fresh and I drank water, lots of it. I learned that water is important on ones body and yes it is life.

Hey and I thought I couldn't ignore what I had for too long now. I had to write something atleast.

So what happened to me?

Number one: I needed a good stretch. A week on bed ( well almost) isn't funny. I'm sick with fever and dry cough. What's even worst is that I couldn't play with moojy. Though I had a perfect time to rest and rest and rest. But now I'm on recovery . The good thing when you can't get away with a strict hubby medication policy. :)

Number two: Last week ( or last last weekend) we overloaded with DVD Series.
We bought:
1. Arrested Development (Season 1,2 and 3)
2. LOST ( Season 1 and 2 )
3. Sex and the CIty ( Season 1 to 7)
4. 4400 ( Season 1)


Number three: Ate at Mongkok Resto in Rockwell and didn't know that Moojy likes the salty squid there. After that we had Coffee at Starbucks and didn't know that Moojy won't like the place guess its too quiet for him and it's past his bedtime.

Number four: I had a date with my girlfriend Diane at Gateway. We were suppose to see a movie but ended up having food trip at Taco Bell.

Guess that's the story for now. Ciao!
/9:24 AM