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Monday, July 03, 2006
" Weekend News"

Asian Hospital

Saturday was Moojy's eye check-up. Developments were minimal so Mommy needs to try harder on convincing Moojy with the eye patch.

Went to Festival Mall and had lunch at Sbarro. Paid my Globe bill and rode the train. Bought cotton candy , moojy's toothpaste, some pins for dada and a stamp for the prince.

When we reached home Moojy was so tired that he knocked down to sleep. Dada's in the computer room and I fell asleep too when shugs woke me up as if something haapened. He was very excited to wake me up for the reason that he created a new music. He wanted me to listen to them. Sweet and was really good. I'll learn how to post music here.

There was a line of plans on a saturday night but we feel tired to leave the house plus Moojy was not feeling well too with his upset stomach.

ended up watching...

The LOST Series was too much to handle.
The cold room smelled nacho cheese made by hubby. With the ingredients to be kept as secret. Grrr.... I'll make one like that one of these days. Its just that shugs is very much incredible with making snacks, dips and perfect parallel parkings.
Ended sleeping at 3 am and happee.

Sunday started with pancakes, coffee, hot chocolates and yosi time.

Pinoy Cheering Time
Panalo lahat ng Pinoy sa laban ng boxing kahapon parang scripted ahh...

Pacman dominates Larios! A shout that all Filipinos must be proud of. Something that we can call Victory . A Victory that Pres. Gloria M. can never give to her Countrymen.

Moojy was sick again with Diarrhea. Having gone to the potty for God knows how many times
was still not enough for Moojy to feel better. Dada went to the grocery alone and I accompanied Moojy as he was in pain once in a while.

We weren't able to go to the Fojas Dinner. Too bad.But it was fine since dada bought something for dinner to enjoy.

Again slept late for our LOST Marathon.

And monday sucks! Haha!
/10:52 AM