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Friday, July 21, 2006
â–ºOne whole day
"A pleasant day seeing all your friends in an unplanned situation, well mostly...."

1. Was shocked to see The UM crowd ( Izza, Mark Hapon, Paul and us). We missed everything about College and just making tambay at Snowflakes or Starbucks. Playing cards and trippin. And also to mention not worrying about our next class.

2. Met up eith John ( shugs' cousin ) @ Teryaki Boy. He just arrived from the states after leaving us for 4 mos. We had a lot of catchin up.

3. Had a coffee talk @ Coffe Bean. John suprised us with a box of goodies (shirts, chocolates and cash) hehe. You rock! You're the best.

4. This was kinda planned. Meeting up with an old good friend was a good kind of therapy. It was fun really.

5. Business and meeting up is another one. Ahhh .. truly a pleasant day. That's my day, how about yours?


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