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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

1. Moojy's New Batt operated Toothbrush.
Shouted "a-bash" several times just to show how happeeee he is with this. Thanks Wowa for the toothbrush. Love it! Love it!

2. Whatta pic! -- A coffee date with shugs last Saturday. Talked about life, goals and nonsense.

3. Had a great time even if i'm tremendously tired from my bazaar. Needed a good quality time to release my innermost stress.

4. Sunday is worship day. My Lovely boys playin at the Nursery Area right after we got demoted at the balcony of CCF Alabang.

5. That's me and hungry!

6. After the worship waiting for in-laws.

7. It's Daddy's Bday! Ate at Northpark Alabang. Burp.Burp.Burp.

8. Us trying so hard to move because of kabusugan.
After eating we went shopping to lose weight haha!

Monday- I was absent...wala lang.
Jolibee Bonding Moment with my Honey.
Look moojy's mouth is covered with spaghetti sauce.
/12:12 PM