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Sunday, July 09, 2006
"Another crazy Weekend"

@ Gilligans

Shopping made me dizzy but it was still fun. We filled our tummies @ gilligans after shopping crazy. I love going to the mall but just can't stand all the people madly walking everywhere. Guess it's still best to go on a weekday. Anyway, it was still fun and crazy.
Week was also hectic because we need to transfer all our Sta.Rosa stuff to P'que. My mum-in-law suggested that we should just free the pool water and put everything there first until it finds a buyer. Wehehe.. a good one though. She's totally right there's no space in our house anymore. I even can't see our stuff in the stockroom. They're all messed up and I can't cut myself in two just to clean everything up. I need help!!! PLeaseeeeeeee! PrettyPlease!

I can do this!
/1:42 PM