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Thursday, June 08, 2006
â–ºWhoa it's nice to know that
"Well trained Honey"
This morning I was really shocked. . .

What's new.... ? PrinceMoojy was the one who woke us up again. Tried pretending I was still asleep so he'd think that dada and mama are still in dreamland. But of course Moojy knows. Anyway, As I got up from bed, I took off his dia-pees and told him to call me and say "wee-wee" if he needs to go.
Then after a couple of mins... he got up and didn't say anything but pointed his patotoot. So I brought him up and tried making the sound "pssss..pssss.psss" after several times he was making the same sound and then wee-wee splashed away. Yahooo!!! My baby is now a kiddo and he is toilet trained!

After that there's a pahabol surprise, he went back to the toilet and flushed it....
Job well done kiddo! I love you baby!
/5:07 PM