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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
"I Just Noticed"

That when you have a toddler you get to be invited more with tons of children's bday bash.
This weekend is filled with parties, parties and parties. Saturday, we attended my cousin's party (father's side) and sunday we attended my other cousin's Bratz party ( mother's side) in New Manila. It was all about games, food and the the kapaguran.

Too much thinking about the future could make you crazy.

Managing the bazaar this weekend at NBC Fort was fun but it was hellish tiring.

That Moojy is a very intelligent kid.

Rainy season is here.

Shugs is very happy with his new Digitech worth a dashing 10,000php. Now he can sound like Van Halen, Steve Vai and the likes. He can actually create thousands of new sounds with this.
Hale to the hard core rocker. I'm your number 1 fan.

I'm beginning to gain weight.
/3:24 PM