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Monday, June 19, 2006
â–ºGoodness Gracious
"A Father's day special"

Attended worship for the first time in CCF Alabang. With the whole fam, including my dad, dad-in-law and dada. After that, we headed to Carlos Pizzafor the special day. Then went home to let Moojy sleep and us to have some Qtime ( wink ;*) )

I admit, we had a slightly traumatic experience when we had won a prize for 3 days 2 nights vacation package at Baguio. To cut the long blah ..blah...blah short... we almost did go for their sales racket.When I stopped shugs from withdrawing from the bank. ( But I perfectly understand the concept.. yeah and we're just thinking about our family to have an annual vacation. but it's not just ideal.So we ended up having free dinner at Contis by showing up and even we trapped ourselves for 3 hours there, we still got the free gift package.

Waah .. it's a very long story and it was an authentic experience about a husband and wife thinking about giving in OR NOT.. just to experience the wonders of the World and travel. That's a great deal though but not for us who can actually get by planning our own travel and leisure with our own expense and not paying a big amount just for free cheap hotels.

Di niyo magets noh mahaba kasi yung story pero what an experience about making decisions about the future for your family.

Anyway ended up so late that we just bought LOST Series and a DVD for Moojy ( thank God it's not BARNEY!!! as per Moojy ..it's "ni ni" ).And just drank the night away until we slept at 1am.... Goodness Gracious!

/5:16 PM