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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
"Ugggh...clutter...hate 'em"

Had to go undertime to visit my dentist for check-up.
Doctor gave me another set of medication for my super slow healing of gums.
Which she ordered me to stop taking birth pills for the meantime.
Went to Mercury to buy another set of drugs which is uber costly.
Didn't have enough cash so paid through my credit card.
Credit card declined due to expired card.
Told cashier I only have 500.00.
Got only 7 out of 20 tabs that I needed.
Surprised to have found out that she gave me the complete 20 tabs.
What to do?
Called shugs and still waiting ..... haha

now I misplaced my new credit card. Grrrr.....
no time to organize my stuff.

sobrang busy na wala na akong magawang matino sa oras ko.
/7:58 PM