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Friday, May 19, 2006

"Ang Weird ni Mommy"
Bakit ang Weird ni Mommy today?

Weird kasi when I reached home I brought Moojy along with me for a drive. It was so spontaneous that we ended up going to the church. The church was the last thing I would think to visit on a normal day. But I found myself there with my little prince. As we entered, Moojy felt at home. He was pretty amazed and curious on the display of the church.Was proud of moojy when I saw him do the sign of the cross.

After that i thought of visiting an old good fella from the Village.I though she'd get surprised...turned out it was me who got the big eyes . Gotcha! Was really surprised seeing her with a 4 mos old baby on her tummy. Gawd I'm really happy for her.
After dinner, got my bag and moojy saw my bag of goodies. His eyes grew large and bugged me for the them. I told him he can't eat candy anymore sincehe just brushed his teeth.... He was grabbing it from my hands until I got another surprise. He shouted "Nge". And I just embraced him for what he said.

The word for today. ... Surprised.

/2:22 PM