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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
â–ºSomething Ordinary

"A Dosage of Mystical Moments on an Ordinary Day"
When going home from work on the dot is possible.

When seeing your little prince give you a kiss and hug from a day's hardwork. Then seeing your hubby blast some lovin goodness as quality time.

When hearing your little prince copy the sound of words from his favorite dvd( Is it Moojy's or dada's fave?..hmmph..)
Sound of words such as:
and hearing clearer words such as:
and the nonstop "mamam" when he's thirsty

When rain is cool and cozy.

When dinner is served by Mother.

When you can enjoy smoketime with hubby and then shop after dinnerto lose everything you ate, then eat again to regain enery before sleeping the day out.

When you can watch tv and not the one to turn on the light. . hehe...

When you can kiss your boys goodnight so meaningful and sweet.

/12:02 PM