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Sunday, May 14, 2006
â–ºMothers are the Best

"One Sunday"

It was a drizzling sunday morning when we tried walking to the Church for Lia's Christening when suddenly the heavy rain fell. So shugs, Moojy and I hurriedly went back to the house. We were clueless on how we're going to the reception since there was no car available. Anyway, good thing there were some friends who hitched us to the reception. And everything went fine and cool. Pheeew!

To my newest Inaanak: Welcome to the world of beautifulthings and laughter. I'm Looking forward for more blessings and grace.You're lucky to have your parents. Keep on smiling and grow wonderfully.

The rest of the day was spent by watching endless dvds and channels. Had another good time with my lovely boys.

To my Mom: I love you and Happy Mother's Day. Thanks for bringing out the best in this World. For being unselfish and unconditional. I would be filling up the whole space of this page
if I would write all the things that I'm thanking you for. In one word... Super ka! I love you.
/4:42 PM