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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
â–ºLife in a SlamBook

"My Name.My Life.My Wish"

My name: Ria Cua
childhood ambition: To become a Star
fondest memory: learning to enjoy your P100.00

soundtrack: a cozy jazz, samba and trip hop
retreat: by the beach
wildest dream: owning a beach
proudest moment: when I had a blessed birthing experience
bigest challenge: the words LIFE and PARENTING

alarm clock: Moojy's voice and Shug's phone
perfect day: barefoot on the sand in the a.m and stargazing during the p.m
first job: Citiphone Banker
indulgence: going mad over having a vacation and nature trips
last purchase: Moojy's diapers and some essentials
favorite movie: Spanglish
inspiration: Pooj n Moojy
My Life: It's all about taking the journey and not making any sweat bout it.

My Wish: To share something to the World
/12:57 PM