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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
►Fat Summer

"Summer Fats"

Every Summer I Prefer To Smoke Menthol. Ang init kasi eh!? Ang labo!

I'm one of the million mothers who is complaining about their huge tummies.Besides drinking coffee, some few cups of sodas, bags of chips, bars of chocolate and countable cups of rice during meals. . . I can't think of any reason why am I having a big tummy. I wonder? So the deal with myself is to lose that.I decided to keep this goal for a month, just enough timeframe for a working mom like me whose time constraint due to workload. Excited about this whole thing.
I started yesterday with swimming but ate huge after. Not bad for a start. (duh!) June 3 is a big date for me to see if my goal worked or not. Gooduck to meeeh!
/12:06 PM