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Friday, May 26, 2006
"I'm a Drug Addict"

Hello there! It's been a while, I know. So, update... updates anyone? Pfft.....
So I did got a hair color plus a reborn treatment. Yayks! Didn't know that would cost me a lot. . .Anyway, it's ok to pamper one's self once in a whille . Agree? Oh yes, Mum's in Nevada we had a simple dinner at the Mall Of Asia. The dinner was ok but the best part was that we were complete. The next day after mum left was the start of an exruciating journey to the dentist. Shugs went with me to support, since I was frightened about this for a week now then it came to happen. I had to let go of my wisdom tooth. Thank God for the invention of anesthesia without that drug, I would be dead. Have you ever felt half of your face numb? Well, I did! The whole bloody and painful procedure lasted for an hour. Honestly, It was more painful than giving birth. I was so blessed that it came all easy for me... the whole birth giving procedure. Ahhfter the sucessful surgery, the pleasure and pain begins not until the whole amout of drug injected to me lost its purpose. But the good thing though about having a tooth surgery is that you can have an Ice Cream all you want, Slurpee crazy, Soup Addiction and another whole bunch of drug intake. Wahaha! Just a little feeling deprived about eating Pizza, Tacos, Pasta and Liempo. Huhu! Nuff said!....
/5:00 PM