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Thursday, May 11, 2006
â–ºChicken-Moojy Little

"I was watching Chicken Little while ending up watching My Moojy Little"

The whole fam watched Chicken Little after eating a delicious dinner. We were so excited as this scenario should test if we could tag moojy little along with us in the Movie house. So after Dada turned off the lights and only the screen was playing everyone were quiet. Silently wishing that Moojywould just stay put in place and watch peacefully. The part where Moojy kept on standing and pointing that he wanted to chill on his crib was fine.Though Dada and I were still waiting for something to happen. We were expecting that he would play around as usual. But to our surprise, he just watched quietly. I got him from his crib and put him between us. I looked at him and he was perfect. He was watching and then just went to sleep.
/5:25 PM