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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"Aww Parenting is such a wonderful thang"

Parenting is a complicated thang but no wonder why mums and dads are toply fulfilled.

In his Grandma's room he stood there with his neck raised and tilted up to see the clock with pendulum . He stood there for a couple of minutes.just standing and wondering. You should see my LittlePrince watch every little thing so serious and full of curiousity. I thought the story would end there.But after a few minutes he was moving half of his body fom left to right.Swaying like the clock moving from end to end while ticking. And Grandma was so happy talking about the story to me. Then as we were talking about moojy he did exactly the thing again, over and over again. Cuteness!
/4:47 PM